Your accommodation

Select your accommodation! 

When we work together to design your trip, you will be asked what type of accommodation you prefer.

No large 5 star hotels in Madagascar, or very few. And few international hotel companies. 

Here there are properties of the “Boutique Hotel” style: Small structures with small capacities favoring a personalized, family welcome. Always installed in privileged environments. Charm is the key word!

Our consultants are there to guide and advise you. 

We take care of making reservations in the hotels of your choice. It is possible that one of the chosen hotels is full at the time of booking, in which case we are looking for a hotel of equivalent category and price. You will be kept informed if this situation arises.

Some hotels may require a deposit or deposit at the time of booking. You will then be notified.

The types of rooms in Madagascar are as follows:

  • Double room – 1 large bed (2 persons) – DB
  • Twin room – 2 small beds (2 persons) – TW
  • Triple room – 1 large bed + 1 small bed (3 persons) – TP – (rarely 3 single beds)
  • Family room – 1 double bed + 2 single beds (4 people) – QD (rarely 4 single beds)

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