Le Nord de Madagascar


Villages lost along isolated beaches or in the mangroves on the Grande Terre, opposite Nosy Be. You will share the life of the Sakalava fishermen on the side of the Russian Bay of Nosy Iranja and towards the Radama archipelago for several days.

On board of a traditional pirogue with sail or a beautiful dhow, you don’t need anything.

We offer you an incredible journey to discover a people, a culture, a rhythm of life. An invitation to forget everything, to leave everything behind.

STE MARIE & NOSY BE – 10 days

It’s time to think about you! Well-being trip to Ste Marie and Nosy Be.

Inspired by African traditions, the Jungle Spa at Princesse Bora Lodge is an impluvium in a small circular building. Its central roof collects rainwater, whose properties are useful for our treatments. All products are homemade and herbal to give you the tone and health your body demands.

Banyan Nosy-Be Spa, an exceptional place that brings together the four elements: earth, air, fire and water. Located in the heart of a thousand-year-old banyan tree over 1000m2, the Banyan Nosy Be Spa is a veritable temple dedicated to rest and relaxation. It is a unique place that invites you to total peace and forget your daily stress.


Discover the most beautiful sites of the North of Madagascar: Diego Suarez Bay, Amber Mountain National Park and its lemurs, relax with a breathtaking view of the beautiful beaches of Madagascar.

Accessible only by helicopter from Nosy-Be or Diégo Suarez, Nosy Ankao is located off the northeast coast of Madagascar. Spreading over an area of 10 km², this place is the largest of the five islands of the archipelago bearing the same name. For travelers wanting high quality service, Miavana is a must, while Nosy Ankao is a permanent invitation to explore virgin forests, filled with lemurs. The surrounding waters contain exceptional marine life, made of multicolored fish, whales, turtles and corals of innumerable colors.


Lemuria, a lost continent in the Indian Ocean, of which Madagascar would be one of the last original gardens…

Indeed, this island with an extraordinary biodiversity shelters the majority of the present lemurs in the world. There are five families, 15 genera and 103 species and under species which represent an inestimable biological, cultural and economic richness.

These sociable and peaceful primates are essentially threatened by the destruction of their housing environment, the rainforest. They are part of animals the most threatened to the world today, although numerous actions are jointly led between Madagascar National Parks, the local communities, the non-governmental organizations and the researchers to contribute to protect them more effectively. THE UICN (International Union for the Preservation of the Nature) established a classification of the status of preservation of the species that is regularly updated in which 25 species of endangered lemurs.

We invite you to an unforgettable journey to meet these surprising companions, the perfect ambassadors of the peculiarity of the fauna of Madagascar


These “COMFORT HIKING” trips allow you to go hiking on the main spots of Madagascar without having to sleep in a tent. All nights are at the hotel near the sites visited.

To visit Diego-Suarez is to discover a unique concentration of Yemeni, Somali, Chinese, Indian and Bantu origins. We hike in the freshness of the Montagne d’Ambre national park, populated by lemurs, birds, butterflies…

The walk to the 3 Bays is a delight. We walk on the beach until we arrive at Cap Miné with a view of the Emerald Sea. The Tsingy Rouge at the foot of the eroded canyons contrast with the surprising geological formations of the Ankarana National Park and the discovery of Malagasy rural life on the banks of the Sambirano River.

For our last stopover, we land in the enchanting setting of Nosy Be, the Island of Perfumes.


Comfortable hiking – South / North – 19 days

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  • Duration: 19 days (from Tana to Tana)
  • Participant: In group – minimum 2 persons
  • Accompaniment: English speaking Malagasy Guide
  • Accommodation: All in hotel (18 nights)
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  • Durée: 19 jours (de Tana à Tana)
  • Participant: A partir de 2 personnes
  • Jours de marche: 7
  • Accompagnement: Guide malgache francophone
  • Hébergement: Tout en hôtel
  • Déplacement: Véhicule 4×4 ou minibus
  • Prestation: En Bed & Breafast avec quelques pique-nique
  • Période: Toute l’année


The region of S.A.V.A (Sambava, Antalaha, Vohémar, Andapa) one of the twenty two regions of Madagascar, belongs to the province of Diego-Suarez. It possesses in its heart a jewel named Marojejy, a magnificent massif peaking in 2133 m, very little frequented and the object of a trekking of exception. Luxuriant vegetation, surprising fauna, fascinating hiking – Although not easy! We visit the region during the first part of this journey then go back towards Diego-Suarez, taking time to visit the site of Daraina and its lemurs, the reserve of Ankarana and its famous Tsingy, and to make a bend towards the Tsingy Rouges. Very close to Diego, we invite you to two beautiful hikes in the Amber mountain and in the Three Bays, at the edge of the Indian Ocean.


A catamaran especially for you for exceptional dives !
The north west part of Madagascar provide a habitat for extraordinary fauna and flora such as ; seasonal whales and whale sharks, a great pleasure for boaters and divers.
On a continuous flow, the sailboat head to the most untouched sites for a dive to find jack fish, barracuda, sharks, turtles, giant grouper, manta ray, in 27° to 29°C water rich in plankton and corals.
Your instructor provides guiding and safety on board. Beginners can
New Scubapro equipment on board (2012).
Inform us if other dive is needed.

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