Dive in Radama Islands – 8 days

From 2 to 5 people. See details below.


© Malagasy Tours | Carte A catamaran especially for you for exceptional dives !
The north west part of Madagascar provide a habitat for extraordinary fauna and flora such as ; seasonal whales and whale sharks, a great pleasure for boaters and divers.
On a continuous flow, the sailboat head to the most untouched sites for a dive to find jack fish, barracuda, sharks, turtles, giant grouper, manta ray, in 27° to 29°C water rich in plankton and corals.
Your instructor provides guiding and safety on board. Beginners can
New Scubapro equipment on board (2012).
Inform us if other dive is neded.


  • Archipelago of Radama ;
  • An equipped and autonomous catamaran ;
  • A high experience instructor ;
  • An efficient and discreet crew.

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  • Duration : 8 days
  • Participant : from 2 to 5
  • Support crew : dive guide and crew
  • Accommodation : aboard the catamaran
  • Meals : full board
  • Water tempreture : 25 to 30°
  • Visibility : average to clear
  • Period : from april to november
  • Effort = 1

    “Easy”This trip is accessible to all. However, we ask you to be healthy.
    It is a journey of discovery and short hikes are scheduled for site visits.
    Madagascar is large, the steps in a vehicle can sometimes be a little long.

  • Confort = 4

    “Standard”All nights are in hotels. The accommodations and/or the hotel are good categories and equivalent to 2 or 3 stars international standards.
    Dinner in restaurant, lunch at the restaurant and / or picnic.
    Travel take place in comfortable vehicle on roads and/or on relatively good tracks.

D 1 : Nosy Tanikely and the Baie des Russes

Welcome in Nosy Be airport or in your hotel and transfer to the Port du Cratère.
Embark on board to meet the crew. We weigh anchor on this first day to join the marine reserve of Nosy Tanikely. We propose an easy dive for adaptation in the heart of the reserve : a rich fauna and flora there.
Getting lunch on board before weighing to the Baie des Russes.

  • Duration : +/- 1h30 + 4h
  • Distance : 7 + 20 Mn
  • Meals : Lunch included / Dinner included

D 2 : The Sugarloaf and Baramahamay

Head for the west of the Sugarloaf at one hour navigation. This place has a shoal of licorne fish, triggerfish, parrot-fish, jack pelagic, very often ray mobula or stingray … end the dive in a nice coral plateau.
Sail towards the south to anchor in Baramahamay, in one of the arm of the estuary edged with mangrove.
Visit of the charming village followed by an aperitif enjoying the sun setting with golden brown gleams, also a large group of rare birds living there.

  • Duration : +/- 4h
  • Distance : +/- 25 Mn
  • Meals : Lunch included / Dinner included

D 3 : Introduction to Îles Radamas

Continue to the south and stop in « Tombant Black » which is a marine slope surrounded by sandbanks where often found whitetip sharks, moray eels, napoleon and others …
After the dive, you go on towards the first of ïles Radames : Kalakajoro.

Anchorage in a filaos lined beach.


  • Duration : +/- 3h
  • Distance : 18 Mn
  • Meals : Lunch included / Dinner included

D 4 : The Grerg’s Wall and le Cirque

Sail to « Greg’s Wall », the most famous amongst Radamas diving spots.
It is a magnificent vertical wall covered with huge sea fans in parallel with rock peaks going up to 20 m.
A second dive in « Le Cirque », a flat slope with a cove shaped sand bank with a large group of fish concentrated in a small area.
It is a crystal clear water there.
Continue to Antany Mora which is an island populated by traditional fishing village.

  • Duration : +/- 2h
  • Distance : 15 Mn
  • Meals : Lunch included / Dinner included

D 5 : Reef drop-off of Radama

Le Cyclone » dive, a vertical drop-off with several faults and fishy arch. Beautiful colorful lights due to the special relief of the seabed.
Pelagic and any kinds of fishes, often marvelous encounter … divers are never disappointed !
Second dive in « Ouest de Kalakajoro », reff drop-off with a wide coral plateau between 12 to 15 metres for a large group of fish. Eels and sometimes Leopard sharks or some stings rays  can be observed on stripes of sand.
Head back to the anchorage of Kalakajoro for the night.

  • Duration : +/- 2h
  • Distance : 12 Mn
  • Meals : Lunch included / Dinner included

D 6 : Nosy Iranja

Dive in « la vallée aux poissons », a gentle slope drop-off with S shaped stripe of sand that we follow with the soft stream.
Marine wildlife is very varied there because the dive site is located to the extremity of a huge plateau and water is very clear : moray eels, turtle, ray, tuna and thazard …
Second dive in « La Roche à Gaby » : depending on the tide, there are many choices for the sites close to Nosy Iranja : dogtooth tuna, stingrays, whitetip sharks and Leopard seal, many kinds of grouper, napoleons, hawksbillturtle and green turtles.
We stay in Iranja or Baramahamay depending on weather.

  • Duration : +/- 4h
  • Distance : 25 Mn
  • Meals : Lunch included / Dinner included

D 7 : Iranja and Nosy Sakatia

Short sail to reach « Sud Canyon », close to Iranja.
Take lunch on board and by Talio blow, west wind, we join Nosy Sakatia after 5 hours ride.
Nosy Sakatia is famous for wild orchids and botanical trails.
Several traditional villages are found on the island and many bays offer really safe anchoring.



  • Duration : +/- 5h
  • Distance : 35 Mn
  • Meals : Lunch included / Dinner included

D 8 : Nosy Sakatia and Nosy Be

Walk in Nosy Sakatia.
We do not plan any dive on last day for the reason that divers are flying the same day.
So in that case visit Sakatia Island and snorkel around the coral blocks will be the program before weighing anchor to join Nosy Be.
Get off by 05.00 p.m in port du Cratère.
End of Malagasy Tours services.

  • Duration : +/- 1h
  • Distance : 5 Mn
  • Meals : Lunch included / Dinner not included
Number of person 2 3 4 5
Price per person 1 790 € 1 790 € 1 485 € 1 485 €

Price includes:

  • Arrival transfer and transfers,
  • A sailboat with crew,
  • Full board,
  • A package of 10 dives with a qualified instructor,
  • Mineral water,
  • Bedding and towels.

Price does not include:

  • International and domestic flights,
  • Meals in D8 in Nosy Be,
  • Tips and drinks,
  • Personal insurance.



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