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Villages lost along isolated beaches or in the mangroves on the Grande Terre, opposite Nosy Be. You will share the life of the Sakalava fishermen on the side of the Russian Bay of Nosy Iranja and towards the Radama archipelago for several days.

On board of a traditional pirogue with sail or a beautiful dhow, you don’t need anything.

We offer you an incredible journey to discover a people, a culture, a rhythm of life. An invitation to forget everything, to leave everything behind.

STE MARIE & NOSY BE – 10 days

It’s time to think about you! Well-being trip to Ste Marie and Nosy Be.

Inspired by African traditions, the Jungle Spa at Princesse Bora Lodge is an impluvium in a small circular building. Its central roof collects rainwater, whose properties are useful for our treatments. All products are homemade and herbal to give you the tone and health your body demands.

Banyan Nosy-Be Spa, an exceptional place that brings together the four elements: earth, air, fire and water. Located in the heart of a thousand-year-old banyan tree over 1000m2, the Banyan Nosy Be Spa is a veritable temple dedicated to rest and relaxation. It is a unique place that invites you to total peace and forget your daily stress.


The last stop of your cruise will be the small island of Tsarabanjina in the Mitsio archipelago, north of Nosy Be. The famous Constance lodge welcomes you for few days of relax and luxury in this very beautiful property.

But before that, in a sailing catamaran, we are going to make a dream navigation with a few stopovers in marvelous sites around Nosy Be: The superb sandbank of Nosy Iranja, the marine reserve of Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Komba and its village with lemurs, the peninsula of Nosy Faly. 

Something to delight all those who love the sea.


Fly to your first stage in the West to meet the Great Tsingy of Bemaraha and the famous Baobabs Avenue, before continuing south to explore the Isalo National Park and end at the extreme south of the island in the Berenty Reserve. 

An exceptional circuit between sky and earth…

NB – No “Deluxe” hotels on this trip, but the hotels selected are the best in the sites visited


Discover the most beautiful sites of the North of Madagascar: Diego Suarez Bay, Amber Mountain National Park and its lemurs, relax with a breathtaking view of the beautiful beaches of Madagascar.

Accessible only by helicopter from Nosy-Be or Diégo Suarez, Nosy Ankao is located off the northeast coast of Madagascar. Spreading over an area of 10 km², this place is the largest of the five islands of the archipelago bearing the same name. For travelers wanting high quality service, Miavana is a must, while Nosy Ankao is a permanent invitation to explore virgin forests, filled with lemurs. The surrounding waters contain exceptional marine life, made of multicolored fish, whales, turtles and corals of innumerable colors.


This trip includes the most beautiful and contrasted sites in Madagascar and the most amazing fly-over: The Tsingy.

Flight to the West via the incredible Tsingy of Bemaraha. In Morondava have a sunset cocktail at the famous Baobabs Avenue. Meet the lemurs in the dry forest of Kirindy reserve. 

Fly back to Tana.  The rest of the trip held in one of the most isolated places in Madagascar and yet one of the richest in terms of environment and biodiversity: The Masoala Peninsula. In the east of Madagascar, in the heart of a sumptuous rainforest, on the edge of Antongil Bay, it is the Masoala Forest Lodge that welcomes you for an unforgettable experience.

It is a luxurious outpost lost in time and nature… A place to relax, explore and connect with the natural world  in all its primordial splendor. 

With canoe to the Tsingy – 8 days

Itinéraire: En pirogue vers les Tsingy

  • Three days river trip by dugout ;
  • Evening parties on river banks ;
  • Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park ;
  • Amazing Baobab Avenue.
Travel identity card
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Participant: from 2 persons
  • Support crew: English speaking guide
  • Accommodation: hotel and tent
  • Transport: bus, dugout and 4WD
  • Service: bed and breakfast (full board during river trip)
  • Period: from May to November
Itinéraire: En pirogue vers les TsingyLes points forts
  • Trois jours de descente en pirogue de la rivière ;
  • Les soirées sur les bancs de sable ;
  • Les Tsingy du parc de Bemaraha ;
  • L’extraordinaire  Allée des Baobabs.
La carte d’identité du voyage
  • Durée: 8 jours
  • Participant: à partir de 2 personnes
  • Accompagnement: Guide malgache francophone
  • Hébergement: hôtels et sous tente
  • Déplacement: bus, pirogue et 4×4,
  • Prestation: en bed&breakfast (en PC sur la pirogue)
  • Période: de mai à novembre


Discovery of the west of Madagascar.

Head to Miandrivazo, we stay overnight in Antsirabe. We continue the ride the next day to join Masiakampy where we embark on a boat by lunch time. We navigate in the afternoon. We spend two days of river trip on Tsiribihina, the boat crew prepare all the food we take on board. We spend nights in tent on the river bank.

Our 4WD then take us towards Bemaraha National Park to visit the Great Tsingy which is one of the most amazing spots.

Drive to Morondava, stop in the famous Baobab Avenue when the sun is setting to make spectacular photos. End the journey in Morondava.

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