Villages lost along isolated beaches or in the mangroves on the Grande Terre, opposite Nosy Be. You will share the life of the Sakalava fishermen on the side of the Russian Bay of Nosy Iranja and towards the Radama archipelago for several days.

On board of a traditional pirogue with sail or a beautiful dhow, you don’t need anything.

We offer you an incredible journey to discover a people, a culture, a rhythm of life. An invitation to forget everything, to leave everything behind.


From Tana, we go towards Antsirabe to meet the population during a nice hike in the villages. Then we headed to the Massif du Makay that we explore for 5 days in the company of our friends, guides and local porters. From plateaus to canyons, from long faults to rivers of sand, an exciting discovery of this exceptional site. The nights are camping. 

On leaving Makay, we reach the town of Morondava and further north the Kirindy reserve for a discovery of the dry forest and its amazing fauna. We continue our journey towards the Tsingy de Bemaraha to discover one of the most curious sites there is.

The Alley of Baobabs will end this beautiful journey by revealing itself at sunset.


For lovers of beautiful treks, we invite you to discover the greatest spots in Madagascar between Antananarivo and Tuléar, along the RN7.

 Eleven days of committed hikes reserved for good walkers (minimum 6 hours per day).

We walk on the Highlands and in the Zafimaniry Country to meet village life, moments rich in encounters and exchanges.

We then continue in the Andringitra Massif with the ascent of Pic Boby, the Isalo National Park and the famous and isolated Makay Massif.

The evenings are around the wood fire in the company of our guides and porters, the nights in tents. Our trip ends in Ifaty for a few days of relaxation at the edge of a sumptuous lagoon.


Discovery of the west of Madagascar.

Head to Miandrivazo, we stay overnight in Antsirabe. We continue the ride the next day to join Masiakampy where we embark on a boat by lunch time. We navigate in the afternoon. We spend two days of river trip on Tsiribihina, the boat crew prepare all the food we take on board. We spend nights in tent on the river bank.

Our 4WD then take us towards Bemaraha National Park to visit the Great Tsingy which is one of the most amazing spots.

Drive to Morondava, stop in the famous Baobab Avenue when the sun is setting to make spectacular photos. End the journey in Morondava.


This journey aims to be to be resolutely a journey of adventure.

 Concerning route: a sacred not commonplace itinerary which consists in leaving westward seeing the Tsingy and baobabs, come down to the South via Tuléar and the Cape Sainte Marie up to Fort Dauphin, then to go back up by the Coast by the track of the 10 local ferries to go to take the train in Manakara from where we join Fianarantsoa and then Antananarivo by the road National 7. Concerning travels: quite a lot of kilometers, all with 4×4, and for the greater part by tracks. Dugout during 3 days and then a jump by train. Concerning accommodation: 80 % under the tent with evenings around the campfire, the rest in small nice hotels on the way. As for the atmosphere, it is you who make it…

Hiking Malagasy – 11 days

© Malagasy Tours | Carte Highlights
  • The crossing of the Malagasy attic, the highlands;
  • The hike and the meetings in the country Zafimaniry;
  • The ride assisted by cart zebu in the region of Anja and Ambalavao;
  • The discovery of the capital, Antananarivo, by its paths and its staircases
Travel identity card
  • Duration: 11 days (from Tana to Tana)
  • Day number of walking: 6 days
  • Participant: in group – minimum 4 persons
  • Accompaniment: French-speaking Malagasy Guide
  • Accommodation: hotels and at night under tent ( 3 )
  • Travel: 4×4 vehicle or minibus
  • Service: Full board
  • Period: from March till November
© Malagasy Tours | Carte Les points forts
  • La traversée du grenier malgache, les Hautes Terres ;
  • L’ascension du mont Ibity près d’Antsirabe ;
  • La randonnée et les rencontres dans le pays Zafimaniry ;
  • La randonnée avec charrette à zébu, région d’Ambalavao ;
La carte d’identité du voyage
  • Durée: 11 jours (de Tana à Tana)
  • Jour de marche: 6
  • Participant: A partir de 4 personnes
  • Accompagnement: Guide malgache francophone
  • Hébergement: Hôtels, gîte et tente
  • Déplacement: Véhicule 4×4 ou minibus
  • Prestation: En (presque) pension complète
  • Période: De mars à novembre


© Malagasy Tours | Carte Highlights
  • Highlands road towards Makay ;
  • Trekking and exploration of Makay ;
  • Sharing experience with our travelling companion.
Travel identity card
  • Duration : 9 days
  • Participant : from 4 persons
  • Support crew : English speaking guide
  • Accommodation : hotel, gîte and tent
  • Transport : 4WD
  • Service : almost full board
  • Period : from April to November
© Malagasy Tours | Carte Les points forts
  • La route des Hautes-Terres vers le Makay ;
  • Le trekking et l’exploration du massif ;
  • Partage avec nos compagnons de voyage.
La carte d’identité du voyage
  • Durée: 9 jours
  • Participant: à partir de 4 personnes
  • Accompagnement: Guide malgache francophone
  • Hébergement: Hôtels, gîte et tente
  • Déplacement: Véhicule 4×4
  • Prestation: en (presque) pension complète
  • Période: d’avril à novembre


The heart of this trip is an itinerant hike in the granite massif of Andringitra. It is a world apart, a world unknown and little traveled, which in no way corresponds to what we can imagine. Here, the foothills of the mountain are flooded with terraces, cultures combining the green intensity of primary forest and the gray austerity of granite peaks. Aesthetically, the mountains are very close to alpine landforms, only the vegetation differs. The large cliffs of Tsaranoro and Anja dominate the green valleys where small villages hide themselves away from everything. From the summits, the view is panoramic and embraces a vast territory. This land of trekking will delight all the unconditional of beautiful mountain roaming, spotted with magical encounters.


Comfortable hiking – South / North – 19 days

© Malagasy Tours | Carte Highlights
  • Our selection of charming accommodation;
  • The most extraordinary hikes Madagascar;
  • The Highlands and National Parks;
  • Discovery of the region of Diego Suarez and Nosy Be
Travel identity card
  • Duration: 19 days (from Tana to Tana)
  • Participant: In group – minimum 2 persons
  • Accompaniment: English speaking Malagasy Guide
  • Accommodation: All in hotel (18 nights)
  • Displacement: 4×4 vehicle or either bus or minibus
  • Services: in Bed & Breakfast with some picnic lunches
  • Period: All year round
© Malagasy Tours | Carte Les points forts
  • Notre sélection d’hébergements de charme ;
  • Les plus belles randonnées de Madagascar ;
  • Les Hautes-Terres jusqu’à Tuléar ;
  • Découverte de la région de Diego Suarez et Nosy Be.
La carte d’identité du voyage
  • Durée: 19 jours (de Tana à Tana)
  • Participant: A partir de 2 personnes
  • Jours de marche: 7
  • Accompagnement: Guide malgache francophone
  • Hébergement: Tout en hôtel
  • Déplacement: Véhicule 4×4 ou minibus
  • Prestation: En Bed & Breafast avec quelques pique-nique
  • Période: Toute l’année
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