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Comfortable hiking – South / North – 19 days

From 2 to 12 people.


© Malagasy Tours | Carte Visiting Diego-Suarez (Antsirananana) is discovering a unique mix of Yemeni, Somali, Chinese, Indian and Bantu origins. Reflecting its population, the region of Diego-Suarez is very diverse: we hike into the cool of the Montagne d’Ambre, populated by lemurs, birds, butterflies but also lichens and rare orchids, before reaching our charming accommodation, Nature Lodge. A ride to the top of the Montagne des Français reveals a beautiful view of the bay of Diego and its emblematic Sugar Loaf. We continue with a visit to the Red Tsingy and exploration of Grey Tsingy of Ankarana and its caves. After discovery of the Malagasy rural life on the banks of the river Sambirano with mountain bike, we will do our last stop in the enchanting setting of Nosy Be, the Island of Perfumes.


  • Our selection of accommodations of charm;
  • The most beautiful sites of walking of the region of Diego-Suarez;
  • The exploration of Tsingy Rouges and Tsingy de l’ Ankarana;
  • Seaside stay and relaxation on the island of Perfumes, Nosy Be.

Travel identity card

  • Duration: 19 days (from Tana to Tana)
  • Days of walking: 7 days of hike
  • Participants: in group – minimum 2 persons
  • Accompaniment: English speaking Malagasy Guide
  • Accommodation: everything in hotel (18 nights)
  • Travel: 4×4 vehicle or either bus or minibus
  • Service: in Bed & Breakfast with some picnic lunches
  • Period: all year
  • Effort = 2

    “Easy to moderate”Physical activity and / or punctual hiking occasional, 3 to 5 hours per day on good trails.
    Little or no gradients. You only carry your bag for the day.
    Madagascar is vast, the stages in the vehicle can sometimes be a little long.

  • Confort = 4

    “Standard”All nights are in hotels. The accommodations and/or the hotel are good categories and equivalent to 2 or 3 stars international standards.
    Dinner in restaurant, lunch at the restaurant and / or picnic.
    Travel take place in comfortable vehicle on roads and/or on relatively good tracks.

D 1: City trek in Tana

Antananarivo or Tana is one those capitals in the tropics, with a soul and great atmosphere. The history of the town started with Kings and Queens in seventieth century with an original and attractive architecture. The main purpose of strolling around Tana is to meet locals and to explore the much undiscovered face of Madagascar.
We walk to the center and the upper town from our hotel. The walk leads us though rice fields and popular areas, we discover the everyday life of people in the capital . We start going uphill to the old town towards the Queen’s Palace, by narrow streets and hundreds of steps. We lunch in a restaurant on the hills. We go on to Tsimbazaza zoo in the afternoon, where we relax in a quiet green setting with lemurs . We go back to the hotel by taxi or keep on walking for the bravest.

  • Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel: Antananarivo. Rova Hôtel .

    Rova Hôtel Rova Hôtel Le Rova Hotel is situated in a lively district where several famous restaurants are gathered. It was built on a traditional architectural way. The hotel has 17 rooms with private bathroom. Breakfast is totally served  in a Malagasy mood to start a perfect day.

    View site on:

D 2: Antananarivo > Antsirabe

Meeting with your guide.
We have breakfast in the hotel and start heading south passing through Antananarivo.
Rice fields and typical villages of the Highlands represent the landscape right after Antananarivo.
We stop in Ambatolampy to discover the rather amazing work of aluminum to make cooking pot for the whole country.
We take lunch in town. Continuation towards Antsirabe in the afternoon.
We take our time for a city tour and experience “pousse-pousse” (rick shaw) riding for those who want, it is the main transport for locals.

  • Duration: +/- 3 h
  • Distance: 170 km
  • Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel: Antsirabe. Couleur Café.

    Couleur CaféCouleur CaféLocated in the heart of Antsirabe city. A new guesthouse with fifteen guestrooms. Each room has authentic interior decoration with good taste. You will enjoy the warmth of old furniture made of precious wood and gleaming colour fabrics.In winter evening, the chimney heats you at the bottom of the bed.It has a convivial and familial atmosphere. View site on:

D 3: Walking in the Highlands

Why Highlands? Simply because it has the emblematic scenery of Madagascar, a unique landscape composed of different hills with crest lines, villages on the slope, houses made of bricks and thatch roof, colorful valley with rice fields: green, ochre, red, beige…
These magnificent hikes take us to the countryside world with authentic colors, meeting local people who enjoy discussing with visitors.
We can see women carrying bucket water on the head as in Africa, farmers working in their rice fields and sometimes we meet blacksmiths working on the same process for ages.
The walk is organised by a local association, a partnership with young guides from the area so then we contribute partly to the development of the region.

  • Duration: from 6 to 7h of walking
  • Meals: Picnic lunch included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel: The same as the day before

D 4: Antsirabe > Ambalavao

We stay on road N7 and progress towards the south. In Ambositra, we shop around and visit Zafimaniry artisans workshop, trying to find carved wood or a piece of marquetery box minutely done. We stroll around in town and then head to Ambalavao.
We are in the heart of Betsileo tribe area who occupies this south part of the highland.We are on the highest area  of Madagascar highland and the road is more and more winding. Arrival in Ambalavo in the afternoon.

  • Duration: +/- 6 h de drive
  • Distance: 275 km
  • Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel: Ambalavao . Tsienimparihy Lodge.

    Tsienimparihy LodgeTsienimparihy LodgeThe hotel is situated in a peaceful and quiet place. All the bungalow are equipped with toilets with hot water and its restaurant offers a wide choice of cooking with varied products.A beautiful garden is availabie for clients, ideal for relaxing.

D 5:  Anja Reserve > Tsaranoro valley

Anja Reserve is located at twenty kilometers south of Ambalavao.

Groups of Lemur Catta (Maki) live in this nice forest, at the bottom of this huge granitic rock blocks. We learn about local customs, between Betsileo and Bara tribes, local people bury the deceased inside natural caves in the rock cliff with complicated rituals. The local guide will give us more details.

We climb rocks without difficulty to the the pass. Interesting hikes are possible around.

This Reserve is run directly by villagers ; all profits are to improve the life conditions of locals living in the surrounding.

Continuation to the Valley of Tsaranoro in the afternoon.

  • Duration: from 2 to 3h of walking
  • Meals: Picnic lunch included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel: Tsaranoro. Le Camp Catta.

    Le Camp CattaLe Camp CattaLocated in Tsaranoro foothill and the sacred forest, Camp Catta will heartily welcome you. Bungalows are well laid-out and look like Malagasy traditional houses. Foods are simple but good quality.The remoteness of the site guarantees the peace that you will appreciate. View site on:

D 6: Visit of Tsaranoro Valley

Just amazing …

From your hotel, stroll in the forest close to the foothill.
Huge granite domes make these mountains with narrow valleys an amazing spot, especially at sunrise and sunset.
Your guide will lead you through the forest to meet ring-tailed lemur, he will explain also about local beliefs.
If you want more sportive hikes, we invite you to climb onto the “chameleon”, a small mountain not far from the hotel, or walk around Tsaranoro cliff by the south.
These are hikes which do not present any technical difficulties and offer magnificent views.

  • Duration: from 5 to 6h of walking
  • Meals: Picnic lunch included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel: The same as the day before


D 7: Tsaranoro Valley > Ranohira

It is the road to the South today, that of wide spaces. We have breakfast in the hotel and then drive back on the same track to reach the main road, pass by the South gates to Ihosy town before getting through Ihorombe plateau. From one mountain to another. The Isalo is in front of us, the day comes to its end and the sunset should be great!

  • Duration: +/- 6 h
  • Distance: 20 km of track + 220 km
  • Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel: Ranohira. Isalo Ranch.

    Isalo RanchIsalo RanchLocated in 5km to the south of Ranohira, in the savannah of Isalo massif foothill. Bungalows are simple and made in traditional way, they have private or outdoor bathroom, swimming pool is also available.The straw hut restaurant offers local and European dishes. One among those good hotels we like. View site on:

D 8 and 9: Hike in Isalo National Park

We join the Canyon of Rats by car on the first day, mischievous species of lemur from south of Madagascar Maki and Sifaka are living in the forest at the foothill. Ascent of “Focus cliff” which give a superb view of the landscape inside the Park in the morning, we picnic at the top and start to go down hill in the afternoon to cool down in the limpid torrent inside the canyon. Head back to the hotel in the mid-afternoon.

We hike from Namaza site to the Piscine Naturelle on the next day. We walk through amazing settings,  Isalo ruin form massif is a continental sandstone plateau from Jurassic period. There are many rock formations with different shapes here. This park has a different ecosystem, endemic flora such as Aloe, Euphorbia, Pachypodium and Kalanchoe …

NB: Walk pace and duration depends on clients choice. Your guide will advise you.

  • Duration: from 4 to 5h of walking per day
  • Meals: Picnic lunch included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel: The same as the day before

D 10: Ranohira > Tulear

We go on south and visit the “window of Isalo”, it is an eroded rock as a window shape that opens onto a fabulous scenery landscape of deserted valleys stretching to the horizon. We then progress to the south and pass through the surprising Ilakaka village. It was a rush related with the sapphire mining which attracted more than 100 000 people in the early 2000s. Now the enthusiasm is down. We  stop on the way to see Mahafaly tribe typical tombs so nicely painted and decorated, on which are erected some amazing wooden sculptures. Arrive in Tuléar in the afternoon. Stroll around in town before reaching the hotel.

  • Duration: +/- 5 h
  • Distance: 250 km
  • Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel: Tuléar . Victory.

    VictoryVictoryLocated in mid-way between the airport and the centre, greenery surroundings with a swimming pool in the middle and a restaurant which serves local, European and seafood dishes.17 double guestrooms supplied with ventilation or air conditioner and modern bathrooms. View site on:

D 11 Tuléar > Antananarivo

We have breakfast in the hotel and then transfer to the airport to fly back to Antananarivo. We stroll around to the market of Tuléar or on the sea front then we take our there or in Antananarivo depending on the flight departure. We stop in the crafts market to buy souvenirs if we have enough time. Transfer to the hotel.

NB: The program might change depending on the flight schedules.

  • Duration: 1h15 (flight)
  • Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel: Antananarivo. Rova Hôtel .

    Rova Hôtel  Rova Hôtel 
    Le Rova Hotel is situated in a lively district where several famous restaurants are gathered. It was built on a traditional architectural way. The hotel has 17 rooms with private bathroom. Breakfast is totally served  in a Malagasy mood to start a perfect day. View site on:

D 12: Antananarivo > Diego Suarez

Transfer to Antananrivo Ivato airport.

We assist you to check in the domestic flight to the north of Madagascar.

Your guide welcome you in the airport of Diego Suarez and take you for a stroll to the lively market and the port inside the huge Diego bay. Diégo, a slow going town, often dozing by overpowering heat.
It is slow here, relaxed mood, it is easy to get the feel of the atmosphere of the north of Madagascar.
NB: The program might change following the flight schedule.

  • Duration: 1h15 flight
  • Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel: Diego Suarez. Nature Lodge.

    Nature LodgeNature LodgeIn Amber Mountain National Park gate, Nature Lodge offers a few bungalows made of wood and local materials. At 700m above sea level, the coolness of Joffreville, the hotel has a dominant view of huge Diego Suarez bay. Comfortable bungalows with private bathroom. Warm and convivial mood in the restaurant and the bar.

    View site on:

D 13 : Montagne d’Ambre National park

Breakfast at the hotel.
Drive to the park and start the visit of Amber Mountain National Park with a local guide to this luxuriant forest.

This is the first National Park created in Madagascar.
It has special vegetation with tree ferns, palms, orchids and several rare species of trees.
Waterfalls and crater lakes decorate our walk. There are seven kinds of lemurs in the forest, we can meet crowned lemur, Sanford lemur …We might see chameleons, gecko, leaf tailed gecko and many colourful birds.
There is a possibility of walking down heading back to the hotel in the afternoon.
NB: Walk pace and duration depend on the group (minimum 2 hours).The guide will advise you.

  • Duration: from 2 to 4h of walking
  • Meals: Lunch include at the restaurant / Dinner included
  • Your hotel: The same as the day before

D 14 : Diego Suarez > Tsingy Rouges > Ankarana

We leave Joffreville village behind us to reach Ankarana National Park.
We turn off on the way to visit the Red Tsingy. The geological history of this formation is the same as for Tsingy of Ankarana,  but with some thousands years of difference. Red Tsingy is due to the erosion of sandstone, instead of limestone as for the other one.
We drive back to the main road until we reach Mahamasina village where Ankarana national park gate is.

  • Duration: +/- 6 h
  • Distance: 150 km drive
  • Meals: Picnic lunch included / Dinner included
  • Your hotel: Ankarana. Le Relais Ankarana

    Le Relais Ankarana

    Le Relais AnkaranaLocated in Mahamasina village, 2 mn from the eastern gate of Ankarana National Park , the hotel gives you a warm Malagasy welcome. In an estate of 5 hectares , woody of banana, mango, coconut, lemon and bougainvillea trees, are set up 6 spacious bungalows ; each has a private lounge and standard bathroom.

    View site on:

D 15 : The Tsingy of Ankarana – Mahamasina

It is ancient coral reef eroded by water, wind and time, and here is the result: a limestone formation looking like a sharp stone forest.
We go and explore the park with a local guide. In the morning, we walk, sometimes with difficulty, through sharp crest of the Tsingy and the caves including that of the bats.
We have a picnic lunch by “la perte d’eau”, a huge excavation of a dried river, where water disappears during rain season.
We walk towards Tsingy Rary in the afternoon where we have a hanging footbridge above the canyon.
Go back to Mahamasina village at the end of the afternoon.

  • Duration: All the day
  • Meals: Lunch included / Dinner included
  • Your hotel: The same as the day before

D 16 : Ankarana Reserve – Ankify

Breakfast in the hotel.

We stop in Ambilobe town where the market is always very busy in the morning, walk aroud the market and continue to Mahavavy river where there are other important activities as well. This region is also famous for sugar cane plantation and its rum. We also pass through coffee, cocoa andylang-ylang plantations on the way to Ankify, we will have a few stops to learn about those.

We get into our hotel by the sea in the afternoon.

  • Duration: 4h drive
  • Distance: 120 km
  • Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel: BAOBAB ANKIFY .

    Located in Ankify, near the pier for Nosy Be, Baobab Hotel is hidden in a beautiful site overlooking the ocean, on the edge of a beautiful small beach. It has 21 spacious and comfortable bungalows, nestled in the heart of a beautiful garden of coconut, lemon and bougainvillea trees. The hotel also has a large restaurant with terrace, offering an extraordinary view of the ocean and the small island of Nosy Komba in the distance. It offers Creole, Malagasy and European specialties, as well as seafood.

D 17: Ankify > Nosy Be

We embark on a speed boat in the morning during 45 mn to join Hellville (Andoany) which is the capital of Nosy Be.
We pass close to Nosy Komba and Nosy Tanikely.
We reach our beachfront hotel by taxi, lunch on arrival. You will be with your guide up to the reception of your hotel. Afternoon at leisure. We invite you to go and meet local people who are quiet and friendly. Evening at the hotel.

NB: Your guide is not with you during the stay in Nosy Be.

  • Duration: 45 mn navigation
  • Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel: NOSY LODGE.

    The Nosy Lodge is a small boutique hotel located at the end of the large beach of Ambondrona in Nosy Be. It has 22 rooms with modern and refined decoration, air-conditioned or ventilated and all equipped with shower and private toilet, WiFi, safe and balcony or terrace. The restaurant offers fine and tasty cuisine, a mix of local products of the island and the catch of the day. Also available, a beautiful landscaped pool with a pleasant terrace, a fitness area, kayak, canoe, sailing, Hobbie Cat.
    View site on:

D 18: Day at leisure at Nosy Be

We offer a day relax for this last day of your holidays.
Many activities are possible from the hotel: water sport, fishing, excursion in some islands, boat trips, motorbike or bicycle renting.
Nosy Komba island with its fishing village, and slao Nosy Tanikely which is one of the marine Parks in Madagascar are close. One full day of real pleasure ! The hotel reception will advise you and help you with all these activities.
We recommend a walk to Mont Passot in late afternoon for a beautiful panorama of the island at sunset, or just lazying around on the beach.
Evening at your hotel in front of the sea.

  • Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel: The same as the day before

D 19 : Nosy Be > Antananarivo

Relaxed morning before transfer organised by the hotel to the airport.

End of Malagasy Tours services.

Fly to the capital of Madagascar.

  • Duration: 1h15 flight
  • Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included
Number of person,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,Supp single
Price per person[attr style="background: #dddddd;"],2 246 €,1 814 €,1 593 €,1 552 €,1 437 €,1 359 €,1 219 €,1 305 €,1 297 €,1 290 €,1 283 €,484 €[/table]

Price includes:

  • English speaking guide from Diego to Ankify,
  • The driver and its 4×4 vehicle from Diego to Ankify,
  • Accommodation in the hotels listed in the program,
  • Meals as indicated in program,
  • Entrance fees in National Parks and sites listed,
  • Local guides in parks,
  • The mountain bike trip the D9,
  • All transfers.

Price does not include:

  • International and domestic flights,
  • Meals not indicated in the program,
  • Optional activities in Nosy Be,
  • Tips and beverages,
  • Cancellation and / or repatriation Insurance.
  • Visa : +/- 35€


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