The big south

The southern road – 16 days
The southern road – 16 days
Carte route du sud à MadagascarHighlights
  • Train peregrination from Fianarantsoa to Manakara;
  • Navigation on the Canal of Pangalanes;
  • Atmosphere of the Coast of cloves;
  • Discovery of Fort Dauphin's region (Tôlanaro).
Travel identity card
  • Duration: 16 days (from Tana to Tana)
  • Participant: minimum 4 persons in a group
  • Accompanying: English-speaking Malagasy guide
  • Accommodation: Hotel or gite (6 nights) and camping (10 nights)
  • Transportation: 4x4 vehicle
  • Service: Full board
  • Period: April to November
Les points forts
  • © Malagasy Tours | Carte Voyage en train pour Manakara ;
  • La balade en pirogue sur le canal des Pangalanes ;
  • La découverte de la baie de Lokaro et Fort Dauphin ;
  • Les pistes du Sud et la rando de Granit.
La carte d'identité du voyage
  • Durée: 16 jours (De Tana à Tana)
  • Participant: A partir de 4 personnes
  • Accompagnement: Guide malgache francophone
  • Hébergement: Hôtel, gîte et camping
  • Déplacement: Véhicule 4x4
  • Prestation: En pension complète
  • Période: D’avril à novembre
The most complete trip possible to discover the different regions of Madagascar. Each has its population, its ethnic groups, its way of life, its rhythm. The atmospheres are not the same whether you are in Diego or Fianarantsoa, ​​the people are different, their daily life too. From the nonchalant and colorful north in the Nosy Be region to the central Highlands where the rice terraces draw the hills. From the Baobab forests of the West to the white beaches of Ste Marie. This route allows you to visit several parks and reserves and to understand the many biotopes of the country and to meet many species of animals that inhabit these diverse environments. Several trips to the same country!

Color of south – 12 days
Color of south – 12 days
© Malagasy Tours | Carte Highlights
  • The Highlands and lemurs of Ranomafana ;
  • The easy hike in the National Park of Isalo ;
  • The seaside stay on the lagoon of Ifaty ;
  • Berenty Private Reserve and vegetation of the extreme south.
Travel identity card
  • Duration: 13 days (from Tana to Tana)
  • Participant: In group - minimum 2 persons
  • Accompaniment: English-speaking Malagasy Guide
  • Accommodation: everything in hotel ( 12 nights)
  • Travel: 4x4 vehicle or bus or minibus
  • Service: in Bed and Breakfast
  • Period: all year
Les points forts
  • © Malagasy Tours | Carte Les Hautes-Terres et la forêt de Ranomafana ;
  • La randonnée dans le Parc National de l’Isalo ;
  • Le lagon turquoise d'Ifaty sur canal du Mozambique ;
  • La réserve de Berenty et ses lémuriens.
La carte d'identité du voyage
  • 12 jours (de Tana à Tana)
  • A partir de 2 personnes
  • Avec guide malgache francophone
  • Tout en hôtel (11 nuits)
  • Véhicule 4x4 ou bus ou minibus
  • En Bed & Breakfast
  • Période: Toute l’année
This journey aims to be to be resolutely a journey of adventure.  Concerning route: a sacred not commonplace itinerary which consists in leaving westward seeing the Tsingy and baobabs, come down to the South via Tuléar and the Cape Sainte Marie up to Fort Dauphin, then to go back up by the Coast by the track of the 10 local ferries to go to take the train in Manakara from where we join Fianarantsoa and then Antananarivo by the road National 7. Concerning travels: quite a lot of kilometers, all with 4×4, and for the greater part by tracks. Dugout during 3 days and then a jump by train. Concerning accommodation: 80 % under the tent with evenings around the campfire, the rest in small nice hotels on the way. As for the atmosphere, it is you who make it…
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