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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work for international flights?

We do not take care of your flight from Europe. We invite you to search the internet to find the best rates.

And for domestic flights?

We can book them for you!

Do I need a visa?

Yes, it is obtained at the airport for +/- 30 € without any document other than your passport.

Vaccines required ?

No None !

An anti-malarial treatment maybe ?

Yes. Consult your doctor for proper treatment.

Should I take cash money ?

Yes, euros, which you will have to change when you arrive at the airport in Ariary (Ar), the Malagasy currency. Ticket offices are dedicated to currency exchange. Your guide will be there to assist you.

Can I use my credit card ?

It is still little used and we prefer not to answer this question. The credit card is usually unknown. The bank card is a rescue tool. Prefer cash.

What about my personal insurance?

You must absolutely contract one.
First-aid assistance is important in addition to repatriation. Check with your insurer.
A cancellation insurance is often not unnecessary.

I bring my cell phone ?

You can ! Madagascar is equipped with mobile telephony, and it works well in 3G. You can buy a local chip or use your roaming.


Travel to customize

Malagasy Tours mainly offers bespoke trips to Madagascar, entirely customizable according to your desires of discovery and adventure.

Traveling as a family, group, on your own or as a couple…

Tell us your travel plans and your desires, we will design itineraries that meet your needs.
If you are running our of ideas, here are some ideas of trips that you can customise