Tsingy de Bemaraha


From Tana, we go towards Antsirabe to meet the population during a nice hike in the villages. Then we headed to the Massif du Makay that we explore for 5 days in the company of our friends, guides and local porters. From plateaus to canyons, from long faults to rivers of sand, an exciting discovery of this exceptional site. The nights are camping. 

On leaving Makay, we reach the town of Morondava and further north the Kirindy reserve for a discovery of the dry forest and its amazing fauna. We continue our journey towards the Tsingy de Bemaraha to discover one of the most curious sites there is.

The Alley of Baobabs will end this beautiful journey by revealing itself at sunset.


Fly to your first stage in the West to meet the Great Tsingy of Bemaraha and the famous Baobabs Avenue, before continuing south to explore the Isalo National Park and end at the extreme south of the island in the Berenty Reserve. 

An exceptional circuit between sky and earth…

NB – No “Deluxe” hotels on this trip, but the hotels selected are the best in the sites visited


This trip includes the most beautiful and contrasted sites in Madagascar and the most amazing fly-over: The Tsingy.

Flight to the West via the incredible Tsingy of Bemaraha. In Morondava have a sunset cocktail at the famous Baobabs Avenue. Meet the lemurs in the dry forest of Kirindy reserve. 

Fly back to Tana.  The rest of the trip held in one of the most isolated places in Madagascar and yet one of the richest in terms of environment and biodiversity: The Masoala Peninsula. In the east of Madagascar, in the heart of a sumptuous rainforest, on the edge of Antongil Bay, it is the Masoala Forest Lodge that welcomes you for an unforgettable experience.

It is a luxurious outpost lost in time and nature… A place to relax, explore and connect with the natural world  in all its primordial splendor. 

With canoe to the Tsingy – 8 days

Itinéraire: En pirogue vers les Tsingy

  • Three days river trip by dugout ;
  • Evening parties on river banks ;
  • Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park ;
  • Amazing Baobab Avenue.
Travel identity card
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Participant: from 2 persons
  • Support crew: English speaking guide
  • Accommodation: hotel and tent
  • Transport: bus, dugout and 4WD
  • Service: bed and breakfast (full board during river trip)
  • Period: from May to November
Itinéraire: En pirogue vers les TsingyLes points forts
  • Trois jours de descente en pirogue de la rivière ;
  • Les soirées sur les bancs de sable ;
  • Les Tsingy du parc de Bemaraha ;
  • L’extraordinaire  Allée des Baobabs.
La carte d’identité du voyage
  • Durée: 8 jours
  • Participant: à partir de 2 personnes
  • Accompagnement: Guide malgache francophone
  • Hébergement: hôtels et sous tente
  • Déplacement: bus, pirogue et 4×4,
  • Prestation: en bed&breakfast (en PC sur la pirogue)
  • Période: de mai à novembre


Discovery of the west of Madagascar.

Head to Miandrivazo, we stay overnight in Antsirabe. We continue the ride the next day to join Masiakampy where we embark on a boat by lunch time. We navigate in the afternoon. We spend two days of river trip on Tsiribihina, the boat crew prepare all the food we take on board. We spend nights in tent on the river bank.

Our 4WD then take us towards Bemaraha National Park to visit the Great Tsingy which is one of the most amazing spots.

Drive to Morondava, stop in the famous Baobab Avenue when the sun is setting to make spectacular photos. End the journey in Morondava.


This one-week itinerary takes you to the west coast of Madagascar between the coastal town of Morondava and the Tsingy de Bemaraha. Exciting discovery of this UNESCO World Heritage site. We spend 2 days to better understand this amazing landscape.

Our chaotic track weaves through the middle of this wooded savannah, the red ribbon of laterite is simply cut by the two ferries allowing us to cross the rivers.

The lemurs of the Kirindy reserve in the heart of the dry forest allow themselves to be photographed.

Here the baobab is king, it punctuates the landscape with its slender and massive presence and the Alley of the Baobabs is an excellent representation of it.


The most complete trip possible to discover the different regions of Madagascar. Each has its population, its ethnic groups, its way of life, its rhythm. The atmospheres are not the same whether you are in Diego or Fianarantsoa, ​​the people are different, their daily life too. From the nonchalant and colorful north in the Nosy Be region to the central Highlands where the rice terraces draw the hills. From the Baobab forests of the West to the white beaches of Ste Marie.

This route allows you to visit several parks and reserves and to understand the many biotopes of the country and to meet many species of animals that inhabit these diverse environments.

Several trips to the same country!

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