Porters in trekking

You only carry your day’s belongings.

A team of porters accompanies us.Their mission is to carry your bag, but also tents, cooking equipment and all the food.

These are villagers from the surrounding towns who help us to make your hike as pleasant as possible. Most of the time, we have been collaborating with these teams for many years. This has created fraternal bonds between them and us, and you soon

! carriers, it’s carrying, but also it’s fun, it’s heckles, they’re bedrooming, bedrooming us and bedrooming you too, on the sly. They’re the ones who greatly contribute to the atmosphere that reigns during these long days of walking, but also of this s many evenings around the wood fire. They share our daily life, we share theirs, these are permanent exchanges.

Portage is sometimes provided by a 4×4 vehicle that we find every evening. The camp is prepared by the logistics team of this 4×4.

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