Port of Bay de Baly

Bay of Baly: the national park threatened by the creation of a 431 km² port.
Due to construction of a port of loading capacity of 150,000 tons extending over an areaof 431 km² according to our sources, a national park finds itself threatened today. The big national park of Bay of Baly represents the ground, marine and coastal ecosystem of the region Atsimo-Andrefana. This national park which is the unique housing environment of the endemic tortoise Angonoka (Astrochelysyniphora) is from now on in danger. According to our investigations, in this park we find also 13 species of mammals among which 6 primates, 37 species of reptiles, 8 species of amphibians and 122 birds among which 55 water birds. Let us also indicate that 86 % of the species of big birds of water nesting in colony in Madagascar live in the bay.

Resources. About 129 floral species distributed in 109 genres belonging to 66 families are listed in the forest of Bay of Baly. Besides, this place is a site of nesting for water birds. The park shelters 3 species of diurnal lemurs and 5 nocturnal species. And there is also a fisherman eagle Ankoay (Haliaeetusvociferoides) who is an endemic bird of prey of the Big Island and the white faced heron (Ardeolaidae) a migratory and endemic species. Organization and associations practicing in the zone having had knowledge of this construction project of harbor facilities are then very worried for the future of the protected areas which shelter so much wealth.
Source : Midi Madagascar – Manitrisa

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