Journey moramora on the RN7 – 13 days

From 2 to 12 people. See details below.


© Malagasy Tours | Carte For this journey, we go towards the typical, the inescapable, and the essential, to have a vision of this country. The highlands are symbolic of the Big Island; we go to meet the population in villages and in fields. Here the exchanges are simple, largely facilitated by the use of the French language. We go down southward to see lemurs in the reserve of Anja and the landscapes of the Park of Isalo, to end with a relaxing stay at the edge of the lagoon, in vezo Country.


  • The landscape of Madagascar highlands ;
  • The discovery of the valley of Tsaranoro ;
  • The easy hike in the National Park of Isalo ;
  • The turquoise lagoon of Ifaty along the Mozambique Channel.

Travel identity card

  • Duration : 13 days (from Tana to Tana)
  • Participant: In group – minimum 2 persons
  • Accompaniment: English speaking Malagasy Guide
  • Accommodation: All in hotel (12 nights)
  • Travel: 4×4 vehicle or either bus or minibus
  • Service: In Bed & Breakfast (with some picnics)
  • Period: All year
  • Effort =1

    “Easy”This trip is accessible to all. However, we ask you to be healthy.
    It is a journey of discovery and short hikes are scheduled for site visits.
    Madagascar is large, the steps in a vehicle can sometimes be a little long.

  • Confort = 4

    “Standard”All nights are in hotels. The accommodations and/or the hotel are good categories and equivalent to 2 or 3 stars international standards.
    Dinner in restaurant, lunch at the restaurant and / or picnic.
    Travel take place in comfortable vehicle on roads and/or on relatively good tracks.

D 1 : Antananarivo – Visit the city

Meeting at your hotel in the heart of the city.

Antananarivo is one of these cities under the tropics having a soul, his own feeling.
Tana history bigins with Queens and Kings during XVIIe century. The architecture is original and esthetic.
Strolling in the streets of the town means going to meet people and discovering the unknown aspect of Madagascar.

From the hotel we walk to the Old Town through the city. We learn the “every day” life of the population.
Reach and visit of the Queen Palace and the Prime Minister Palace though narow streets and many steps.

Back to your hotel in the end of the afternoon.

  • Duration : Toute la journée
  • Meals : Lunch not included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel : Antananarivo. Les 3 metis .

    Les 3 metis Les 3 metis Built in 1913, located in the heart of the city, renovated entirely respecting Malagasy architectural art, Les 3 Metis is a warm and family mood guesthouse, local artists and artisans has decorated the place. All rooms has private bathroom. The restaurant offers a nice mixture of French and Indian Ocean gastronomy.

    View site on :

D 2 : Antananarivo > Antsirabe

Meeting with your guide.
We have breakfast in the hotel and start heading south passing through Antananarivo.
Rice fields and typical villages of the Highlands represent the landscape right after Antananarivo.
We stop in Ambatolampy to discover the rather amazing work of aluminum to make cooking pot for the whole country.
We take lunch in town. Continuation towards Antsirabe in the afternoon.
We take our time for a city tour and experience “pousse-pousse” (rick shaw) riding for those who want, it is the main transport for locals.

  • Duration : +/- 3 h
  • Distance : 170 km
  • Meals : Lunch not included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel : Antsirabe. Couleur Café.

    Couleur CaféCouleur CaféLocated in the heart of Antsirabe city. A new guesthouse with fifteen guestrooms. Each room has authentic interior decoration with good taste. You will enjoy the warmth of old furniture made of precious wood and gleaming colour fabrics.In winter evening, the chimney heats you at the bottom of the bed.It has a convivial and familial atmosphere.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               View site on :

D 3 : Walking in the Highlands

Why Highlands? Simply because it has the emblematic scenery of Madagascar, a unique landscape composed of different hills with crest lines, villages on the slope, houses made of bricks and thatch roof, colorful valley with rice fields: green, ochre, red, beige…
These magnificent hikes take us to the countryside world with authentic colors, meeting local people who enjoy discussing with visitors.
We can see women carrying bucket water on the head as in Africa, farmers working in their rice fields and sometimes we meet blacksmiths working on the same process for ages.
The walk is organised by a local association, a partnership with young guides from the area so then we contribute partly to the development of the region.

  • Duration : 6 à 7h de marche
  • Meals : Picnic lunch included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel : The same as the day before

D 4 : Antsirabe > Fianarantsoa

We keep going on the National Road 7 and progress towards the south.

We shop in Zafimaniry artisans boutiques in Ambositra village looking for a piece of carved wood, or fine work of marquetry box.
Take time to wander around in the village and get lunch in a loca restaurant where you have the opportunity to taste local specialties.

We continue to Fianarantsoa in Betsileo region, the main tribe on the south part of the Highlands of Madagascar. we have a winding road; we are close to the highest summit of the Great Island.

  • Duration : +/- 4 heures
  • Distance : 230 km
  • Meals : Lunch not included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel : Fianarantsoa. Villa Sylvestre.

    Villa SylvestreVilla SylvestreA preserved heritage for three generations, this charming residence built in 1920, with the purest style of Malagasy traditional architecture. It is located in the heart of Betsileo country, in Fianarantsoa town.Villa Sylvestre has 08 comfortable guestrooms equipped with private bathroom,TV ,safe and mini-bar,…all in felted and warm atmosphere, combining modernity with tradition.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           View site on :

D 5 : Soatanana village

Have breakfast in the hotel and then drive towards Soatanana.

Soatanana it is such well organised village nestled in the heart of a mountainous cirque in the west of Fianarantsoa. It is the cradle of the awakening of God disciple church known in other name as « Fifohazana » or revivalism.

The village was created in the end of ninetieth  century when a missionary brought there apostolic fundamental religion. A High Mass takes place every Sunday and continue in the streets during communitarian march.Soatanana is also called  « white village » because all villagers are dressed up totally in white.

Drive back to Fianarantsoa in the afternoon.

  • Duration : +/- 3h
  • Distance : 60 km de piste
  • Meals : Picnic lunch included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel : The same as the day before

D 6 : Fianarantsoa > Anja > Tsaranoro Valley

Get a short break at Ambalavao to see the hand-made Antemoro paper workshop. Arab people introduced this variety of mulberry bark-based paper in Madagascar at fifteenth century and it is still made the same way at this little workshop at Ambalavao.
Visit the small Anja reserve and meeting with the lemurs Catta.

We take an off road track which is difficult sometimes but the landscape is beautiful, we drive to Tsaranoro Valley. Ending the route with a 2 km walk is recommended.

We are facing this huge mountain mass, and its granitic crests hide the horizon.

  • Duration : +/- 5 h
  • Distance : 80 km de route et 40 km de piste
  • Meals : Picnic lunch included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel : Tsaranoro. Le Camp Catta.

    Le Camp CattaLe Camp CattaLocated in Tsaranoro foothill and the sacred forest, Camp Catta will heartily welcome you. Bungalows are well laid-out and look like Malagasy traditional houses. Foods are simple but good quality.The remoteness of the site guarantees the peace that you will appreciate.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               View site on :

D 7 : Visit of Tsaranoro Valley

Just amazing 

From your hotel, stroll in the forest close to the foothill.
Huge granite domes make these mountains with narrow valleys an amazing spot, especially at sunrise and sunset.
Your guide will lead you through the forest to meet ring-tailed lemur, he will explain also about local beliefs.
If you want more sportive hikes, we invite you to climb onto the “chameleon”, a small mountain not far from the hotel, or walk around Tsaranoro cliff by the south.
These are hikes which do not present any technical difficulties and offer magnificent views.

  • Duration : 5 à 6 heures de marche
  • Meals : Picnic lunch included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel : The same as the day before

D 8 : Tsaranoro Valley > Ranohira

It is the road to the South today, that of wide spaces. We have breakfast in the hotel and then drive back on the same track to reach the main road, pass by the South gates to Ihosy town before getting through Ihorombe plateau. From one mountain to another. The Isalo is in front of us, the day comes to its end and the sunset should be great!


  • Duration : +/- 6 heures
  • Distance : 20 km de piste + 220 km de route
  • Meals : Lunch not included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel : Ranohira. Isalo Ranch.

    Isalo RanchIsalo RanchLocated in 5km to the south of Ranohira, in the savannah of Isalo massif foothill. Bungalows are simple and made in traditional way, they have private or outdoor bathroom, swimming pool is also available.The straw hut restaurant offers local and European dishes. One among those good hotels we like.                                                                                                                                                                                                View site on :

D 9 : visit of Isalo National Park

A short drive to join Isalo foothill.

We start the walk quietly with a small rucksack, through impressive landscape, canyons, natural pool and magic rock erosions.
Isalo ruin form massif is a continental sandstone plateau from Jurassic period.
There are many rock formations with different shapes here. The nature has adapted to dry climate.
This park has a different ecosystem, endemic rupicolous flora such as Aloe, Euphorbia, Pachypodium and Kalanchoe … We picnic in the Tapia forest. Some walks are possible around, going up to summits gives splendid view.

NB : Walk pace and duration depend on clients (minimum 2h). The guide will advise you.

  • Duration : de 2 à 4h de marche, selon vos envies !
  • Meals : Picnic lunch included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel : The same as the day before

D 10 : Ranohira > Tuléar > Ifaty

We progress to the south west towards the Mozambique Channel.
Drive on 245 km from Ranohira to Tuléar through different botanical settings in the morning.
We stop on the way to see Mahafaly tribe typical tombs so nicely painted and decorated, on which are erected some amazing wooden sculptures. The sea can be seen from far away before we reach Tuléar.
Walk around to the market before taking lunch.
Sandy road along the coast leads us to Ifaty. Installation to the hotel, almost feet in the water.

  • Duration : +/- 6h
  • Distance : 280 km
  • Meals : Lunch not included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel : Ifaty. Princesse du Lagon .

    Princesse du Lagon Princesse du Lagon It is one of those places where luxury is relaxing and is a moment for oneself. Princesse du Lagon is a magic place that can be yours.It has 6 rooms and one suite, all with sea view.A restaurant of fish, grilled lobster, oursinade, sea food, stuffed clam, stir fried crab …A bar lounge under tamarind trees by the sea, a space for well-being, a spa and fitness are also available.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             View site on :

D 11 and 12 : Day at leisure at Ifaty

You can explore different activities from the hotel during the day at leisure on the edges of Mozambique channel. If you want to take advantage of the sea and lagoon : diving, dugout ride with Vezo fishermen, swim or just idleness. Hikers can discover inside land, a specific and extraordinary vegetation composed of euphorbia, baobab, didieracea, aloes … In the south, the thorny are kings.


  • Meals : Lunch not included / Dinner not included
  • Your hotel : The same as the day before

D 13 : Ifaty > Tulear > Antananarivo

Morning at leisure and transfer to the airport organised by the hotel.

End of Malagasy Tours services.

Fly to the capital.


  • Duration : 2h de piste et 1h15 de vol
  • Meals : Lunch not included / Dinner not included
Number of person 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Supp single
Price per person 1 498 € 1 183 € 1 060 € 955 € 890 € 859 € 825 € 816 € 804 € 782 € 761 € 303 €

Price includes:

  • A French-speaking driver / guide and his vehicle from Tulear to Tamatave;
  • The accommodation in hotels on bed & breakfast basis (double or twin room);
  • The picnic lunch inside the Isalo park
  • Entrances fees in the national parks and the indicated sites;
  • Local guides in the parks;
  • All the transfers.

Price does not include:

  • The international and domestic flights;
  • Meals not indicated to the program;
  • Optional activities in Ifaty and Ste Marie;
  • Tips and beverages;
  • The cancellation and/or repatriation insurances; (Please see below)
  • The visa (free – 30 days).



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