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Deforestation in Madagascar is an ecological drama. The island will soon have lost 50% of its natural forests, the very ones which shelter a unique and endemic fauna which makes the wealth of the country. 

The project

ECOVISION VILLAGE conservation project, our partner located near the Andasibe / Périnet national park, is working to protect the forest corridor that connects the mantadia, Analamazoatra and Vohimana parks. The preservation of this corridor of primary forest allows the movement of animals and in particular the Indri-indri, the largest of the lemurs but also one of the most endangered today. 


It is about reforestation with endemic trees, but also about raising awareness of the surrounding populations, job creation, financial self-sufficiency allowing the access to education. The project is as vast as the challenge is great.

Our action / Your action

We take 10,000 MGA (+/- €2) from our margin per person and per trip, which we donate to Ecovision. These euros accumulated thanks to our customers allow the sponsorship of one hectare of primary forest for one year.

By traveling with Sense of Oceans Madagascar, you participate!

  You with us !  For each person, for each trip, we take 2€ from our margin for the sponsorship of one hectare of primary forest for one year near the Andasibe / Périnet park. More info here
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