Camping and Outdoor

The nights in tents

The nights in tentsThe night are in wilderness camping.

We provide igloo tents (tent 3 places for a couple) of Ferrino brand and Svalbard type.

For singles we offer a “single” tent without charge. We ask you to bring your sleeping bag. For the months of June, July and August austral winter, provide a warm bag (-5° C / 0° C).

For long rides (more than 5 days walk) we ask you to bring your own self-inflating mattress. It has to be of quality, insulating and solid.

Cold and moisture are the enemies of the trekker who goes to sleep. Bring a repair kit in case of a puncture..

Camping meals

Camping mealsThey are prepared by our logistics team.

Breakfasts consist on a hearty meal with tea and coffee, toast and jam or honey, cereals and fruits.

Lunches are picnics that we bring with us in the morning. These are rice or potato salads, with fresh vegetables. Sometimes Sandwiches, and when we have opportunity, meals in small local restaurants in the villages we cross.

Dinners are taken to camp around the fire. These are hot meal with starter, main course and dessert. We will taste the local specialties!