The office team

Your interlocutor at Malagasy Tours

Votre interlocuteur chez Malagasy Tours Your interlocutor at Malagasy Tours : Seheno, Soa, , Stéphanie, Hoby, Zo….
It is the person who takes care, under your control and with your active participation, of the creation of your journey.

He (she) has all the necessary skills to be the link between the various actors of your stay in Madagascar. Close to your guide of course, but also to hotelkeepers, restaurant owners and other suppliers.

He (she) is attentive. His (her) experience allows him (her) to investigate all the tracks in search of originality and unexpected. Its advice and its expertise are precious.

His (her) gaze is focused on the slightest details on a daily basis, from accommodation to transportation, from meals to excursions with a particular attention on the logistics which he (she) oversees with Fano and Sahondra in charge of the equipment.

Question him (her); it is unlikely that you take him/her in default!

Make knowledge with the team

A constant support

For authentic holiday with peace of mind !



We do not delegate our responsibilities to you.

We master all the aspects of your journey.

For an optimal reactivity and a precise answer to your custom travel desires, we are structured in a way to not depend on any subcontractors providers.

This allows you, for example, if you feel like it, and under conditions of feasibility of course, to modify easily your routes or programs of journeys along the way.