Logistics and organization

create-865017_960_720The guide Malagasy Tours shares with you his experience of the field and his knowledge of his native land to allow you to travel with a quiet mind, to discover the country as well as his wealth, without the slightest concern of organization, in complete serenity.

The equipment put at the disposal of the guide is high-quality, whether the 4×4 vehicles, tailored for the bush, that the equipment of camping. Inmarsat satellite phone are with them when traveling in remote areas.

Your guide is in permanent connection with the administrative team and the management in Antananarivo, which will not hesitate to put all the additional means and this very quickly, in case circumstances would require it. In Madagascar the distances are long, roads and tracks not always in good condition, hazards may occur. Your guide will compensate them, and in the office we will be there permanently, to assist him. .

Safety and accompaniment

life-saving-swimming-tube-737370_960_720This safety aspect is permanently in the mind of your guide. Whether he is behind the wheel of his vehicle, in hike or in cities. He has for priority to accompany you in sites where the sanitary and security risks are non-existent. Madagascar is not a dangerous country, but there are rules to be respected, as those not to drive at night, to be always watchful, to avoid certain districts of the capital at certain hours and, in hike, certain passages which can present dangerousness.

Your guide receives regularly first aid trainings provided by the Malagasy Red Cross.
No special instructions to travel in Madagascar, to go to meet the population and create the exchange. A smile, a common sense and a pleasant attitude, here as somewhere else, are enough to establish the confidence.



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