Trekking and Hiking


HikingThe days of hiking include, depending on the level of the trip, between 4 and 8 hours of walking per day. They start early with the sun, the pace can be sustained and it can be hot!

The elevation changes are not necessarily important, however, physical fitness is essential to enjoy this trip.

During these days, walking in mountain is made on more or less good marked paths. We will have sometimes to create our trace. We do not touch to mountaineering and even less climbing, we are, with these journeys on a trekking of purist.

Always in a group, these journeys are “slices of life in common” which ask for a good ability for the life in a group.

The porterage

PortingYou carry only your belongings of the day.

A team of porters accompanies us. They have for mission to carry your bag, but also tents, material of cooking and all the food.

It is villagers of nearby villages which assist us to make your hike the most pleasant as possible. Most of the time, we collaborate with these teams since several years. This created brotherly links between them and us, and you soon!

A carrier door, but also laugh, heckles, they tease each other, tease us and tease you too gently. They contribute greatly to the ambience that reigns during those long days of walking, but also during the numerous evenings around the campfire. They share our everyday life, we share theirs and they are permanent exchanges.

The porterage is sometimes provided by a vehicle 4×4 which we find every evening. The camp is prepared by the logistic team of this 4×4.


Your personal equipment should preferably be contained in a large travel bag side opening (zipper). The full bag must not exceed 15 kg. It is better to have only one large bag, rather than two smaller ones.

A small backpack (20-30 liters) for clothing and useful equipment of the day (sweater, water bottle, hat, raincoat, sunscreen and lip skin…).

Sleeping and clothing

It is essential to protect itself against the heat and the rain.

  • Sleeping bag which can protect you until 0°C,
  • Mountain jacket,
  • Polar Fur or jumper,
  • Cape or rain poncho really waterproof,
  • 2 light linen trousers, wide enough not to interfere with the movements,
  • Light shirts (protection against the sun) and T-shirts,
  • Underwear and handkerchiefs,
  • Hat, scarf or hat sun (canvas or woven straw) to protect itself from the sun, socks.
  • For routes taking place at high altitude (the highlands, Andringitra), it is necessary to protect itself of the night-cold all year round.


  • A pair of walking shoes which holds the ankle.
  • Optional: A pair of walking sandals comfortable and suitable for walking in water or in moist environments, some are robust and even allow long walks (type Téva or Source).
  • They are also very pleasant during stopovers.
  • A pair of flip flops for the beach and / or lightweight shoes.


  • Sunglasses with filter lenses and side shields,
  • Hat (protection against the sun)
  • Gourd of a liter and a half,
  • Pocket knife to put in hold baggage during flights,
  • Toilet items space-saving and lightweight,
  • Shampoo and biodegradable soap to preserve the environment,
  • Toilet paper,
  • Headlamp (spare bulbs and batteries),
  • 2 large plastic bags to protect your belongings from rain in the bag,
  • For those interested: a walking stick and eventually diving equipment (fins, mask, snorkel).
  • Personal pharmacy of first aid.
  • We also recommend you bring mosquito repellent, it is always useful…