Traveler Reviews


Anna and Lubos – october 2017

Dear Stephanie,

we have been back from Madagaskar for one week but in our minds we are still there:)

It was very nice holiday for us and I am sure that it was because it was very well organized by you and by Ali.

We had been a little bit worry before our arrivel to Madagaskar how we would survive three weeks in the car with forign driver which we had never seen before. And we want to thank a lot to Ali because he is very good driver, organizer, he is really helpfull, all time in a good mood. and ready to fullfill our wishes. He gave us lot of interesting information about people, places and life in Madagaskar.

I want to say that also Patrick in Betafo and Zara in Tsingy  are very good guides, also Joshe (Joseph) in Isalo was good guide.

We would like to give you some recomendation for next trips which could make holiday even more exiting:

  1. Close to Belo sur Mer are very interesting salinas - it is worth to visit
  2. Salary - Francesco doesn´t have very comfortable accomodation but he can provide coral reef visits which must be great. We saw coral reef in Australia and I am sure that it could be very good trip for somebody who likes snorkeling. Francesco is very good chef:)
  3. Ranomafana - we visited  Tanala tribu village - it was very interesting.
  4. Tokogasy rum production in one village was really special - I would be worry to drink this rum but it was really great to see how it is produced:)
  5. Kirindy was not very good - what we saw there we could see in other places and save a  half day.

Stephany I am really very glad that I had chosen Malagasy Tour to organize our holidays in Madagaskar and I want to thank you for its  prepartation.

Best regards

Anna and Lubos

Sara e Paolo  on the road South on august 2017

Dear Stephanie,

Just few words to tell You that all is super, untill now. Your country is simply wonderful and we're filling of beauty our eyeses and our hearts.

Alain is fantastic and all is going well.

Today we get on Betafo valley for our hiking in highland with Jose our guide, he was special, don't stop to work with him...Under our request he help us to find and to assist to a famadihana celebration, we'll remember this day for a long time.

Thank You for your suggestions, the itinerary is perfect for us.


Sara e Paolo

Michelle, Jeremy and Isabella   EAST - WEST & SAINTE MARIE ISLAND   - August 2017

Hi Zo – I wanted to thank you again for coordinating such a great trip for us.  We are home now with many great memories.  It was truly an adventure and one we will remember for a long time.

I did provide a feedback card to your agency.  All of our drivers were really great and very careful. . .which is much appreciated on some of those roads! The accommodations were all fantastic.  We really loved Au Bois Vert in Tana and the food there is fantastic.  I would definitely recommend that place to future travelers.  Princess Bora was also wonderful and they upgraded us to one of the best rooms.  They were incredibly accommodating throughout our stay.

I plan to give Malagsy Tours a glowing review on TripAdvisor.  If you need me to comment on any other forum, let me know.

Many thanks!

Great madagascar Tour – march 2017

Hi Aina,

Thank you again for setting up an incredible tour for us! Jean Yves, Lee, Marion, Arielle and all the rest of the Malagasy staff were absolutely wonderful to us. The Tsingy were magical and we especially enjoyed our time with Jean-Yves up North (Amber Mountain National Park was particularly spectacular). We hope to be able to come back to Madagascar soon to experience more of the trekking and other parts of the country we were not able to visit on this trip. It truly has been a fantastic honeymoon and we couldn't have planned it without your guidance. Thank you for all the help and the beautiful welcome gift on Easter! We were a bit dazed from our travels, but it was a pleasure to meet you in person and we appreciate all you have shared with us on this journey. We will be sure to recommend Malagasy Tours to anyone planning to visit Madagascar!!

Warmest regards,

Forget the myths and legends that surround Madagascar- this is poor nation with its problems of poverty, corruption, exploitation and environmental destruction. However, there are real nuggets of gold to be found in the wildlife parks and the people. As soon as you arrive there are airport staff looking to help you through KE representive who took us to the hote in Antananarivo.

The hotel was clean and food was good. The adventure really states when we arrived in Tulear where we met our guides for the trip: Nirli and Zoo. These two made the trip with their knowledge and guitar playing ! Especially of Madagascan favourites such as bob Marley. Our trip to the Isalo national park is not for the faint hearted with river crossings, bridges with missing planks and a 4x4 that was prone to stall (which we push startled numerous times) but we carried on undaunted - we were adventurers and pioneers! This part of the trip was the highlight - amazing scenary, amazing views and the local villages so welcoming. Never did so much in a few days - trekked across lunar landscapes, climbed Mnt Boby at night for the sunrise (when we got to the top it was misty, but hey ho! ) swam in the pools of canyons. On the final night had one heck of a party with our porters. We showed them some of our dance moves - rick astley eat your heart out. The food was good and plentiful - zebu kebabs just melted in the mouth. After this we visited two other national parks in Ranofana and Perinet on the hunt for lemurs - with the park guides rushing through the rain forest to catch a glimpse of these creatures - at first I thought it was a hopeless cause, but having seen them and being so close to them - this was a definite highlight. In conclusion I would recommend this trip - there are some long days travelling, but you see a lot of the country and you will see the things I mentioned in my first paragraph ( poverty and deforestation ) but I am glad I went and sampled what Madagascar has got to offer.

Dear Olivier,

my husband and I have now been back in the UK for just over two weeks,
having had an enthralling, very successful trip to Madagascar with
[...Clients names...].

This was in no small part thanks to our two wonderful drivers / guides
Niry and Ndimby. They were not only skilled drivers, negotiating the
most difficult roads with apparent ease, but also always reliable,
punctual and cheerful. No problem seemed too awkward for them to
tackle and we so much appreciated their hard work and friendship. I
hope they had a safe journey back to Tana after we said goodbye to
them in Diego and please pass on our profound thanks and best wishes
to both of them. Should we ever consider another tour in Madagascar we
would happily put our fate in their capable hands!

This was my first taste of Madagascar - although my fellow travellers
have had several trips there in the past - and it has been a most
enjoyable and memorable time. I am the envy of our friends and
neighbours when I tell them about my adventures and show them the
pictures to prove it! Thank you once again for helping to organise
such a smooth and happy tour and from my husband, and myself
all best wishes

Hello Tolotra!

We just want to let you know that we were very happy with your company and Fano as our driver!

Everything went not just well but perfect. He knew the right places everywhere - to eat, to sleep, to discover. With his perfect english he helped us to communicate and meeting local people. He also could tell us lots of interesting things about history and wildlife.

We found a lots of spots off the beaten path where we could paraglide, and also great places for discovering landscape, nature and wildlife.

All this can not be taken for granted, we also met other tourists with another company. They were very disappointed because their driver always asked them for food, money and took them to the expensive tourist places where he could eat and sleep for free. So we also really like your company philosophy!

We surely will recommend you.

Thank you very much for everything, also big thanks and best wishes to Fano!

Kind regards,


Hi Zo

We had a great time in Madagascar and are now back home to Australia.

We would like to thank you and Malagasy Tours for our perfectly executed tour through Madagascar.  It was your prompt feedback and initial planning advice and recommendations that swayed us to book with Malagasy Tours.   We have not regretted this one bit and enjoyed every destination along the way.

Our hiking trip in Andringitra National Park was a particular highlight.  The planning and execution, cooks, porters and our guide Fidelis, were fantastic and we felt like we were on the luxury tour compared to our fellow hikers.    The cooks prepared fantastic, very tasty meals that almost defy belief given the basic cooking facilities at their disposal.

We had never travelled with a driver before and, as we are seasoned 4x4 tourers, we initially thought of self-driving.  I am very glad we didn’t.   Niry was great company and the main reason for an all-round successful and highly enjoyable trip.  He is a very skilled driver, incredibly knowledgeable about all things Malagasy and always went the extra mile to provide a service that well exceeded our expectations.  After 4 weeks of sharing the same Landcruiser, we feel we have made another friend.

So, overall a resounding success and we will not hesitate in recommending Malagasy Tours to anyone.

hello Seheno

we are now safe and sound at our home after an incredible holiday to Madagascar.

We had a fantastic time (even though the problems with Air Madagascar)

You organised everything so perfect – the hotels, the time spent in each area and our itinerary.

We saw everything from the people – to the forests and lemurs etc, everything we wanted to see.

Our guide Niry was wonderful and he looked after us so well, we have made a new friend.

We have no hesitation to recommend Malagasy Tours to our friends if they plan to come to Madagascar.

thank you again, this was a holiday we will always remember

Hi Soa

I have one comment to make: perfect organization. Thank you.

Special thanks to the guides: very, very good.



We are  very lucky that Niry  was our guide and driver in our trip. He’s knowledgeable and responsible and also taking care all our need. I hope our culture difference would not give him a bad time as sometime speak our language instead of English or French.

I would also like to thank Zo and Stephanie who answered my questions patiently and promptly.

Dear Soa,

greetings from Athens! I would like to thank you in personal and everybody on Malagasy tours for the unique and professional services that you have provided to Nikos , Sasa and George. everything was perfect organized and we will highly recommend you on all future travelers from Greece to Madagascar

especially we would like to thank the driver Mr Dibi for all help, support, useful provided information and professional service. is great that you have him on your team

with warm regards


I wanted to write a thank you and a longer review of my time in Madagascar with Malagasy tours and our driver and guide, Ndimby Rabeniamina. The space on the form I was given wasn't enough to write all of my thoughts about my experience!!

First off, whatever you pay Ndimby, it is not possibly enough. 🙂 He provided so much more than driving, and this was completely unexpected and such a pleasant surprise. His way of asking questions about us to find out who we are without offending was something I've seen in very few people. I think he could get along with just about anyone, and would make anyone feel at home in your country. You have a gem in Ndimby. I hope you appreciate this. If you don't do end of the year bonuses, I think you should consider one, at least for this year. 🙂 It is my sincere hope that not only I will return to Madagascar, but that I will send many clients your way. You for sure have Ndimby to thank for this.

Of course Ndimby was an excellent driver, (I guess that should have been expected!); I never felt uneasy with him leading the way. His problem solving skills with our cars-all 3 of them, were fun to watch. And when our car broke down the second time, Ndimby was more stressed than either of his guests (me and Ron). Seeing this level of professionalism and caring was the moment when I vowed to recommend your company and Ndimby to everyone I know who travels from the USA.

On the first week of my vacation I received  really difficult news about my country. I came down from my room crying, and Ndimby actually made me feel better than my traveling companion. I appreciated his wisdom, and joked he was a driver, guide, mechanic and now psychologist. Perhaps this is not far from the truth. He stayed up with us late that night sharing drinks and stories, and eased the pain I was feeling far from home.

Travel to the north where Ndimby said he knew less was just as fun as the west and south, and the effort he put in was admirable. My friends and I noted the long days he worked without ever losing his smile, laughter, and humor. I laughed more on this trip than any other. And I've been to over 40 countries.

I also want to reiterate my thanks to Zo. Her English is perfect (as is Ndimby's) and her emails during the planning phase was the ultimate reason I chose Malagasy Tours. So I owe her a huge thank you. I'm sure my time in Madagascar was so much better because of Zo and choosing Malagasy Tours.

One final note--I would have loved to have learned some Malagasy before I arrived. You might want to offer a website suggestion for learning some in emails to your next clients. Although learning in the car with Ndimby made the 6000 km we spent on the road pass by very quickly and most enjoyably, I would have loved a head start to being able to communicate with more people.

Please pass along my thanks to Ndimby, Zo, and all who helped make this an unforgettable experience. I hope to return some day, but won't come back for tourism unless I can travel w you! I'm so impressed with your company, and how welcomed I felt in Madagascar.

All my thanks,

Misaotra be,

Dear Zo & Olivier,

We have finally managed to get on top of things after the October Madagascar trip.  Everyone got home safely; some of the Singaporeans had to pay excess luggage for all their extra shopping but that was fine.  We were delayed by 9 hours in Nairobi with a technical problem but eventually got home.

On behalf of the Singaporeans and ourselves we would like to thank you and the whole team for a very great and memorable trip to Madagascar.  We had many positive comments from the Singaporeans; several described it as their best trip ever (and they have travelled a lot!).

I personally would like to thank Zo for her professionalism and patience putting the itinerary together and also for organising all the additional things we came up with, also many thanks for a wonderful evening at the Grill du Rova, it was nice to meet everyone at long last (photos attached).  Niry, Fano and Ndimby (photo attached) were very much liked by the group and worked hard to help and accommodate us, Niry now even finds orchids before we do!.

Overall - Well organised, professional and lovely holiday!

Fano was a top tour guide. We had lots of fun with him. All of our holiday went very smoothly and we are very satisfied. Can’t really suggest any improvments.

I would definitely recommend Malagasy Tours to my friends.

Thanks Zo.

Can't thank you enough for allocating. Fano to us. He was a brilliant, a great guide, his understanding of English is very good and most importantly he is a very careful, safe and considerate driver.

He shares our passion for chameleons.